TBQH Monthly Program


The Ballroom at Quail Hollow Monthly Program is designed to be an affordable way to take your dancing to the next level!

The monthly program consists of private lessons, group lessons & social dance parties all bundled into one convenient package.

Private lessons focus on your own personal dancing goals, while improving your step knowledge, technique, lead & follow, and address your dance development one on one with a professional.

Group lessons allow you to supplement and build upon your private lessons while learning basic patterns. Additionally, group lessons give you the opportunity to improve & practice your lead & follow skills learned during private lessons in the company of others who share your passion.

Social dance parties, also known as “Thank Goodness It’s Friday Dance!” are a wonderful outlet to dance and meet new people in a fun and friendly environment. Social dances include a DJ and refreshments to create a wonderful atmosphere. The Ballroom instructors attend the social dances to allow you to practice and continue to improve upon what you have learned in private and group lessons. Dancers of all skill levels attend the social parties from throughout the greater Charlotte community to give you ample opportunities to dance.

The Ballroom at Quail Hollow’s Monthly Program offers the best value for ballroom dancing offered in Charlotte. Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of this affordable program to enrich your life today! Contact us at 980-228-7361 to sign up!